Criminal justice in american violet

Cooper Supreme Court Reporter However, prosecutors are usually judged on their conviction rate. Russell Sage Foundation Publ. In a plea bargain the defendant gets a reduced sentence or the dismissal of some of the charges.

American Violet : A Powerful Movie about Race and the Drug War

Bush, just to remind us that this is not some story from the s-era, but that this sort of thing still happens all too often in today's America.

However, for other clients, they may have to choose between vigorous advocacy and maintaining a good relationship with the prosecutor. It is not some adjunct to the criminal justice system; it is the criminal justice system.

The case is resolved by a "bargain," a deal between the defendant and the prosecutor. The stakeholders are the prosecutor, the accused person, victims and society as a whole. After the clip has been shown implement the post-viewing discussion strategy that you have chosen.

The judge can only accept the Criminal justice in american violet bargain or reject it. Guide the class discussion to at least the following points, supplying the information if the class cannot respond to the questions: Alex was arrested, and while in custody he was interviewed by the police for more than an hour.

Lesson Plans Based on Movies & Film Clips!

Worse still, this situation has largely been hidden from public scrutiny -- left to the shadows, it has greatly undermined both the fairness and effectiveness of our criminal justice system. Its critics accuse it of meddling and causing trouble, and of stretching the constitution beyond its real meaning.

American Violet tells the story of legal injustice and systemic, institutionalized racism -- and the struggle to overcome such prejudice. Any law enforcement action must be based upon some hard evidence rather than merely informant information; moreover, unreliable informant information should be discounted.

That can't happen in Texas anymore. Most criminal defense attorneys like to maintain good relations with the prosecutors. What factors in the makeup of the victims of the excesses of the District Attorney may have led to their unwillingness to seek justice along with Dee Roberts?

The "bad cop"officer was intimidating and threatening. This was the only compensation I received to write this of any form. From the standpoint of the public, do you agree or disagree with this public policy choice? However, plea bargaining spares victims the agony of a trial and the risk of feeling very badly if the defendant is acquitted.

This impressive new film tells one woman's story of abuse at the hands of a hostile legal system. One of the key elements in the plea bargain system is the "trial penalty," the fact that a defendant who insists on a jury trial and is convicted will get a longer sentence than a defendant who pleads guilty and enters into a plea bargain.

Select the discussion questions and the suggested assignments to use in the lesson. Tell the class that as they watch the film clip, they should think about the benefits and costs of the plea bargaining system to persons accused of crimes, to prosecutors, and to society.

Lesson Plans Based on Movies & Film Clips!

How does this affect the plea bargaining system? One played the role of the "bad cop," correctly and repeatedly telling Alex that the government had a great case with good witnesses and strong physical evidence, and that if Alex was convicted after a trial, he would be in jail for at least 25 years and possibly for life.

Dee Roberts is the stage name for Nicole Beharie, who plays the role of a spirited African-American woman. What happened in Hearne is far from an isolated incident.

Throughout the movie, news clips are shown in the background which chronicle the election and aftermath between Al Gore and George W. Owing largely to the courage and commitment of Hearne's Regina Kelly -- portrayed in American Violet by Nicole Beharie -- in the aftermath of the case, Texas became the first state in the nation to enact comprehensive reforms of the confidential informant system.

Innocent people who are eventually acquitted still incur the costs of a defense. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

Plea bargaining should be replaced with a criminal justice system in which plea bargaining would not be allowed and an accused person could only plead guilty or go to trial. Tonry, Michael Malign Neglect: She faces a no-win situation.

Solicit ideas about how to reform the plea bargaining process to improve the results without substantially increasing costs; have the class debate their efficacy; if the ideas are very good, have the proponents write them up and send them to their legislative representative.

Trials are extremely expensive and time consuming.Plea Bargaining in the American Justice System-- An Introduction Using a Clip from the film American Violet.

Subject: The U.S. criminal justice system is primarily a system of plea bargains. 95% of all persons prosecuted for crimes in the U.S. end up pleading guilty in return for reduced charges or a lighter sentence. see American.

How American Violet Relates to Criminal Justice

May 16,  · American Violet is a story of one woman fighting back against such a system, with the help of the ACLU. If that isn't enough reason to go see this film, then go see it. Introduction The film “American Violet” presents a major issue that still exists in today’s criminal justice system.

The criminal justice system in America enforces the standard conduct our country finds necessary to protect all of its citizens and lower crime. Post-Viewing Enrichment Worksheet for American Violet A Plea Bargain System of Justice: Plea bargains are an important part of the criminal justice system throughout the United States.

Criminal Justice System Lesson Plan

Apr 17,  · Watch video · Powerfully produced and directed, "American Violet" is a film based on the racially charged drug war scandal that rocked the town of Hearne,Texas,several years ago,which explores the devastating impact of America's "war on drugs"/10(K).

Aug 07,  · Set in the midst of the presidential election, American Violet tells the story of Dee Roberts (Nicole Beharie), a 24 year-old African-American single mother of four, living in a small Texas town (based after Hearne, Texas where the real incident took place).

Criminal justice in american violet
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