Descriptive essay checklist

Then you have a list of verbs with multiple personalities: Lax downplays structure in order to allow his students to push themselves.

In the sentence above, therefore, there are two action verbs: Reorganize your outline if necessary, but always keep the purpose of your paper and your readers in mind.

Put all your note cards or paper in the order of your outline, e. These should be the most interesting items that you have noted in your columns and will the details that you flesh out into the paragraphs of the body of your essay.

The daredevil cockroach splashed into Sara's soup. Areing isn't something that trailer parks can do. Is that a good thing for us?

Is the flow of the essay seamless?

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One Cause Multiple Effects This pattern should be used when one cause leads to multiple effects. Consider word function when you are looking for a verb. Provide supporting details She collects homework every day at the beginning of class; to turn it in five minutes late is to turn it in a whole day late.

However, we are now trying to overcome its physiological and psychological adverse effects on human beings. Became connects the subject, Jose, to something said about him, that he wasn't happy.

Emphasize the thesis and say why this topic is important Their success demonstrates the importance of diversity in a school community: Many students lack such skill; therefore, it is better to pass your assignment to our team of professional writers with major in literature, linguistics, English, etc.

How to Write an A+ Comparison Essay on any Topic

Should the rise in mental illnesses be blamed on the rise in the use of technology? Show me what poodling is.

Is the language convincing, clear, and concise?

A Selection Of 22 Good Argumentative Essay Topics On Technology

Well-written descriptive essays accomplish this effect not by facts but by using precise observations and explanations.

In fact, a verb can have as many as four parts. Winking is something that Sylvia can do. Here you will analyze, synthesize, sort, and digest the information you have gathered and hopefully learn something about your topic which is the real purpose of doing a research paper in the first place.

The Verb Recognize a verb when you see one. Is there someone theing outside the window right now? Refrigerators and air conditioners, for example, emit harmful Chlorofluorocarbons CFC which cause the depletion of the ozone layer, which results in Global warming.

Our skilled research team and the team of writers use all the references to get you filled with the service. Potato chips crunch too loudly to eat during an exam.

Have I made my intentions and points clear in the essay? I don't think so! Appear is something Godzilla can do—whether you want him to or not.

Topics are set out in each separate paragraph and a topic sentence begins that paragraph and need to relate to your introductory paragraph and your thesis.

Using the best available sources, check for accuracy and verify that the information is factual, up-to-date, and correct. Sometimes a word is a nounsometimes a verb, sometimes a modifier. However, you can avoid those grade lowering mistakes by completing the following checklist: Revealing this reason can help you concentrate on your description and inspire your style with a distinct perspective or affect.

You can then take a look at the essay with fresh eyes and view it in much the same way that a person reading it will when they first see the piece. Point paragraph Finally, Ms. These pages were designed with Cascading Style Sheets and will work best with recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 6.

Smell, in this sentence, is an action verb.

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If you can substitute am, is, or are for the verb and the sentence still sounds logical, you have a linking verb on your hands. How young is too young to learn how to use a computer or to own a tablet? As a result, words like these are called action verbs.

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I’ve just been browsing the site, checking that all the links are working and that the index includes all the posts that are relevant to all you poor sods out there who are doing the Leaving Cert.

Kids often enjoy the writing process more when it relates directly to their own lives. If your child has trouble limiting her essay to just one photograph, feel free to expand the activity into a longer memory book or a scrapbook with descriptive captions.

Descriptive essay checklist
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