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For further information on dairy cattle breeds, feeding and management, see dairying. The seller of milk ghee etc. This sector provides raw material for the industry and livestock creates market and capital. Feed resources, health, livestock, nutrients, Punjab Introduction The livestock sector is an integral part of agriculture in Pakistan.

However, overall growth rate of the sector has not been impressive. There is thus a dire need to increase the safety of these boats and to equip them with technologically advanced tools that can be used for deep sea fishing.

During its evolution, the industry enjoyed promotional policies of the Government, but has also faced several challenges such as disease outbreaks and retail price fluctuations.

Unfortunately, livestock remains underutilized in the country.

Feed resources of livestock in the Punjab, Pakistan

This paper deals with the extent of the feed resources available and their potential in meeting the animal needs and maintaining their health status in the next decades in the Punjab province. The beef, or Scotch, Shorthorn breed developed from early cattle of England and northern Europe, selected for heavy milk production and generally known as Durham cattle.

The grazing grounds for cattle are fast disappearing. Agriculture, moreover, remains by far the largest employer absorbing However, overall growth rate of the sector has not been impressive.

The quality of livestock and its products compared to the developed countries of the world is poor. Raw material for domestic industry. Although the native home of the Galloway breed is the ancient region of Galloway in southwestern Scotland, it probably had a common origin with the Angus.

Poultry also convert feed efficiently into protein; chickens, especially, are unexcelled in meat and egg production.

Preference is given to the Guzerat, Nellore, Gir, and Krishna Valley strains, which are characterized by a pronounced hump over the shoulders and neck; excessive skin on the dewlap and underline; large, droopy ears; and horns that tend to curve upward and rearward.

Thus it is an ideal sector for investment if one would like to address poverty alleviation in the most deserving areas i.

Animal husbandry in Pakistan

Many breeds of cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats have good meat production potential. There are less milk plants all over the country. The overall aim is to ensure that through better breeding, farmers are able to increase their milk production and incomes.

Let us work together with provincial and district governments and private sector for the development of livestock for economic growth and poverty alleviation and usher in white revolution and quantum leap in milk and meat production in the country.

The current cumulative growth rate for livestock sector is 3. Poultry sector has shown excellent growth in the last 4 decades.

Keeping livestock is an important risk reduction strategy for vulnerable communities, and livestock are important providers of nutrients and traction for growing crops in smallholder systems.

Several lesser breeds have been developed from crosses of the Brahman on other beef breeds such as: As the prices of animal feed has increased therefore it has become difficult to keep animals in the cities.

Nili-Ravi is the best dairy buffalo breed of the world.Sep 27,  · The livestock sector globally is highly dynamic. In developing countries, it is evolving in response to rapidly increasing demand for livestock products. In developed countries, demand for livestock products is stagnating, while many production systems are increasing their efficiency and.

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As envisioned by the Govt of Pakistan, and lead taken by the Livestock department Punjab, Worthy Se. Tree Plantation - Green Pakistan Campaign by Livestock Department. Tree plantations, is gaining great impact across the Punjab through the vision of Prime.

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Livestock pakistan
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